Bilingual Toddler Curriculum

Young children soak up the world through their five senses. A calm, spacious, beautiful and ordered classroom reflects the natural order of the universe. Montessori tactile materials invite the joy of hands-on learning.

At The Spring Hill School, toddlers are free to choose projects, work at their own pace, become absorbed in learning, concentrate without interruption, and find joy and serenity in their discoveries.

Qualified Montessori credentialed teachers prepare the environment, respectfully observe, and offer guidance when needed. Teachers are mentors, supporting and encouraging children to advance in the areas of their strength while supporting them in areas of challenge. Spanish is reinforced and expanded by daily conversion and instructions, cultural activities and vocabulary games and songs.

Classrooms Designed for the Child

Spring Hill School classroom environments facilitate learning and match children’s developmental interests and needs. Classroom design provides consistency, structure, freedom of movement, exploration, and observation.

Children are given lessons using materials they can use to freely explore and observe. Emphasis is on process rather than product, and the goal is to develop a love of work and joy in learning.


SpanishPractical Life ActivitiesSensorial ActivitiesMath + ScienceLanguage ArtsMusic + Art
Full-time Spanish-speaking teachers in all classroomsEnhance development of control, movement, sequencing and concentration via purposeful work.Ordering, classification, and description of sensory experiences: dimension, color, texture, sound, sightCountingOral and auditory language developmentSelf expression and appreciation for various modes of communication
Language is introduced naturally through daily activities, building foundation over timePouring, carrying objects, spooning, table setting, food preparationSensorial concepts build foundation for mathNumeral RecognitionVisual discriminationAdventures in Rhythm with specialist instructor
Care of self and the environmentVisual, sound, tactile discrimination, gustatory and olfactory sense developmentCorrespondence; quantity + symbolIsolation of sounds; sound to symbolMusic theory: pitch, tone, rhythm, composition, performance
Life & physical scienceLibrary: care of books, beginning researchArt skills


7:30–9:00 Before School Care
9:00–9:45 Montessori Work Period; Music: Monday for Little Stars, Friday for Little Steps & Little Acorns
9:45–10:00 Group Snack
10:00–10:45 Outdoor Play on Toddler Playground
10:45–11:15 Montessori Work Period
11:15–11:30 Circle Time: Music, Songs, Stories (11:30 goodbye to half-day children)
11:30–12:00 Lunch
12:15–2:30 Nap Time
2:30–3:00 Wake Up & Snack; Goodbye
3:00–6:00 Bilingual After School Program

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