Middle School Curriculum—Grades 5–8

Middle school is a time of immense potential, when students have the opportunity to discover their gifts, develop social and emotional intelligence, evolve intellectually and physically, and form an authentic sense of self.

With adolescent development at its peak, our program helps students find a balance between social and after school activities while staying focused on advanced academic study. Our goal is to offer an education that builds a community of students who can reach their unique potential, be innovative leaders, and become lifelong learners. We value resiliency and creative confidence.

Our program is project based and draws strongly on STEAM and design thinking. Students establish critical thinking, empathy, and problem solving skills to help them become our future innovators.


MathReading + WritingSocial Studies + HistoryScienceCitizenshipSignature Programs
Mathematical Content Standards and the Eight Mathematical Practice Standards; focus on reasoning and perseverance5/6: Study of genre + characters, novel studies, poetry, short stories, biography, autobiography, historical fiction, expository texts5: US history, mapping, exploration, colonial life, American & Mexican revolutions, immigration, racism5: changes in matter, ecosystems, earth + space systemsSocial-emotional learning: mindfulness, growth mindset, conflict resolution, teamwork, friendships, self-reflection, character building Dailiy PE: individual + team activities build skills + confidence, sportsmanship, physical fitness
Construct viable arguments + critique reasoning; look for + use structure; express regularity; modeling7/8: Word analysis, fluency + vocabulary development, historical + realistic fiction, non-fiction, poetry, independent novel studies, Hero's Journey6: Ancient civilizations, mapping, personal histories, West African kingdoms, Central + South American tribes, world religions, tolerance + social justice, The Great Migration6: Natural resources + geoscience, energy + matter, object interactionsService learning + outreach, develop empathy through local + global work Weekly art classes with comprehensive visual arts curriculum;
world cultures, art vocabulary, expression, drawing,
painting, sculpture, creativity, self-esteem art appreciation
Number operations, coordinate graphing, measurement, data, algebraic thinking + expressionsVocabulary + grammar, research, citations, sentence diagramming7/8: Medieval history, global citizenship project, US History; human-environment interaction, ethical consumerism, current events, geography, media literacy, tolerance + social justice, history of racism + sexism7: Energy transfer, climate, gravity, Earth + solar system, cells + body systems, growth + reproductionOut-of-school learning: local museums, environmental education overnights, Washington DC + New York tripsMakers: projects integrate hands + mind through practical life + vocational skills such as gardening, weaving, pottery, cooking, tinkering, coding, 3D printing, modeling, metal work
Variables + ratios, area, building + dividing, expressions, rates, statistics + multiplication equationsPersonal memoirs, narrative writing, poetry, essays: expository, literary + persuasive, thesis-based8: organisms + population,s influence of humans on environment, environmental engineeringDaily advisory period to focus on social-emotional skills and needsDaily Spanish classes: develop oral + written proficiency, cultural understanding
Proportional relationships, expressions + linear equations, scale drawings, geometric constructions, inferencesPresentation of knowledge & ideas, Socratic seminars, public speaking, debateTechnology supports academic, creative + engineering pursuitsStudent governmentService-learning trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (5th/6th); full-immersion trip to Spain (7th/8th)
Systems of linear equations, functions + quantitative relationships, 2D + 3D space, angles, similarity + congruenceScience education supported by NGSS Science Bundles, garden, integrated arts, research projects, data collection + analysisMedia literacy + digital citizenship


Grades 5 + 6

9:15–10:15SciencePE5th: Public Speaking
6th: Science
MathArt & Humanities
10:30–11:155th: Math
6th: Spanish
SpanishArt & Humanities
11:15–12:005th: Spanish
6th: Math
ScienceClass Meeting

Grade 7+8

11:15–12:00Digital Media LiteracyScienceSciencePE

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