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Our 2023 Dream Big Gala, Come Fly With Me!, was a huge success- Thank you to all our families, staff, volunteers, sponsors and community members for their hard work, dedication and contributions to help ensure The Spring Hill School provides the best in academic excellence.

Here is the recap of our April 15, 2023 gala

We raised a net $200,268 from this year’s Gala- more than we have ever raised before! It really shows the impact of your participation. We wanted to take a moment to share with you where the proceeds from this year’s gala will go.

  • Playground Projects: On all 3 campuses funding from the gala will go toward building and enhancing our playgrounds, including repairing, painting, and rebuilding some equipment and structures, new playhouses, and shade areas.
  • Our Teachers and Staff Fund: We believe qualified, experienced, and committed teachers and staff are key to our success, which is why funding will go towards supporting them. Each year a portion of the annual fund and gala proceeds are directly invested in our teaching and staff team. It will also allow us to increase the number of floating teams of teachers.
  • Scholarships: Funding also goes toward offering financial support and scholarships to eligible families to assure the diversity and inclusiveness of our Spring Hill community.
  • General Support: Each school year, the Annual Fund and Gala proceeds also support the Spring Hill commitment to keep our tuition much lower than compatible Independent Schools in the Bay Area and towards our general operating cost.

Thank you again for your support and mark your calendar as the next Dream Big Gala will be held on April 27, 2024