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A Foundation For Joyful Learning

Young children soak up the world through their five senses. Spring Hill’s beautiful, carefully prepared classrooms are specially designed for this wondrous stage of development. Our primary programs inspire children to understand and delight in world around them, building social-emotional skills and intellectual curiosity for a life-long love of learning.

Spring Hill’s talented, Montessori-credentialed teachers are mentors who guide and support children. Because our student-teacher ratios are low, teachers can observe students carefully and offer the individual attention they need to fulfill their capacities and thrive. Children are free to choose projects and work at their own pace, independently or in groups. They become absorbed in hands-on activities and build meaningful friendships in a nurturing and inspiring environment.

The Spring Hill Primary programs include preschool, TK, and Kindergarten with curricula in practical life, sensorial development, language and reading, mathematics, Spanish, history and geography, physical and life sciences, music, movement, art, and outdoor play. Full-time bilingual teachers are in every classroom.

Full-Day Kindergarten

We off a full day Montessori Kindergarten program on our Montessori campus. The kinder (year 3 primary) student experience a year that brings together social, emotional, and academic learning together through exploration and experimentation. Students work collaboratively and individually from an integrated hands-on Montessori curriculum that promotes learning for understanding and mastery. The Kindergarten year highlights critical thinking and collaboration, and students begin to transition from concrete learning to abstraction through advanced language arts and math lessons, integrated science, social and cultural studies, research-based projects, and the arts.

In our multi-age classrooms, kindergarten students have daily opportunities to teach their younger peers. This process helps them to deepen their own learning and promotes social and emotional growth through mentoring and leadership. It builds life-long habits of mind such as collaboration, active listening, empathy, communication, flexibility, creative and critical thinking, and positive problem solving.

Our goal is that our kindergarten students gain self-confidence, become enthusiastic and skillful learners, and feel connected to their teachers and classmates. We believe in the potential and gifts of each child beyond competency in the basic grade level standards. We know our children are capable of so much when they are inspired to become independent and joyful learners, collaborators, innovators, and creative and kind leaders in pursuit of knowledge for a better world.

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