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Academically Confident
Intellectually Curious
Emotionally Resilient
Creative Innovator
Advocates Self Society
Grounded Sense of Self

A Spring hill School graduate is steeped in rich curriculum, has had opportunity to pursue passions, and applied their learning to real world problems. Our graduates enter the high schools of their choice confident and read to continue their journey towards achieving their full potential and impacting the world.

The The Spring Hill School Journey

The Spring Hill School journey is an enriching, developmentally-appropriate learning experience starting at age 18 months and culminating in Grade 8. The Journey begins at our Montessori Preschool Campus where a deep and joyful love of learning is cultivated, and students develop both independence and a curiosity about their world. Our oldest children, in Grades 7 & 8, participate in challenging academics on our new state of the art campus in downtown Petaluma, culminating in their Capstone projects of personal passion and contribution to the greater community.

Our Kinder-8th grade independent, STEAM focused program includes a supportive community, guided by expert faculty, small class sizes and a child-centered community where each child is known, challenged, and celebrated. Each of our three campuses is uniquely designed to support the child in their journey toward becoming a global citizen with a strong sense of self and advocacy for others.

Early Childhood

Our preschool through Montessori kindergarten program adheres to the Montessori philosophy of education. The curriculum promotes hands-on learning, self-discovery, exploration, and an awareness of order in the world. Children embark on their school experience with a sense of joy and wonder. During this time children learn “I CAN,” as they step into independence.

Lower Elementary

During Grade K-2, children experience Spring Hill's enriching hands-on, research-based elementary program that offers an integrated and engaging curriculum based on science,technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). It is a time where children journey into, “I AM an active learner, discovering the world through my own unique lens.”

Upper Elementary/Middle School

The Spring Hill School builds on the academic confidence & competency and intellectual curiosity fostered in Lower Elementary while offering new experiences that develop empathy, emotional resilience, and advocacy beyond self. Children become creative innovators across all subjects, and pursue personal passions in their capstone projects in 8th grade. In conjunction with the academic competencies developed, responsibility, organization, and study skills become foundational skills. Students during this phase move to “I WILL” make an impact in the world.