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At Spring Hill, we believe that learning transcends classrooms and that parents have a central role to play in fostering their child’s lifelong love of learning. Learning is not just for our students; it’s also for our families! In keeping with this philosophy, we offer family events that allow parents and children to actively engage in learning together. Our family-focused STEAM Nights Lecture Series allows for children of all ages to come together with their parents and siblings for an immersive learning experience. Topics from this year include: egyptology, marine biology, engineering, and art!

Parent support and education is at the heart of The Spring Hill Community. We offer our parent community informal events, like grade specific coffee hours, as well as educational lectures and parenting classes. In the fall, our toddler and primary parents are offered the opportunity to participate in a multi-week Positive Discipline series. This course offers Spring Hill parents an opportunity to connect, learn about the positive discipline approaches we use in the classroom, and share parenting tips and advice.

A second facet of our parent education is our “Raising the Next Generation” lecture series. This parent-focused lecture series brings in major experts in the field of parenting and child development and gives our Spring Hill parents the opportunity to learn about critical parenting topics in an interactive and engaging way. This year our “Raising the Next Generation” speakers focus on children’s mental health and wellbeing in trying times. Our first expert, Dr. Amanda Zelechoski, spoke to parenting during the pandemic and the effect it has had on our children. Our second speaker, Dr. Lisa Damour, is psychologist, best-selling author, monthly New York Times columnist, and host of a popular podcast. Dr. Damour’s work centers on child development with a focus on tweens and teens, exploring how we, as parents and educators, can support children’s mental health and wellbeing as they move through different stages. Explore her books and podcast by clicking here!

Steam Night Lectures Raising The Next Generation Positive Discipline Series