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The Spring Hill Middle School 5 - 8 grades electives program is offered to give our students a choice around exploring new passions or skills while serving as a vehicle to connect academic standards. Our electives program is a cherished time where students across grade levels come together to explore common interests and take safe risks, giving them a well rounded education. Electives also offer students an opportunity to reveal a skill set that may not be obvious in other classes. This allows students to recognize their strengths and appreciate the unique talents of their peers. Students celebrate accomplishments and build community all while discovering their passions in the Spring Hill elective program.

We offer a variety of electives each semester based on student interest. Look below for a sampling.


If you are interested in broadcast news and have a strong sense of humor, please join Ms. Susan and Ms. Rachel to write, produce, and deliver a weekly televised news broadcast to the Spring Hill Main Campus community!


We will learn basic openings for white and black, middle-game strategy, and end-game knockouts! As well we will learn to play chess using a time clock!


Ahhh writing…The power of words. Words can move us! Make us laugh, cry, cheer! If you believe in the power of words and have stories to tell, come to Creative Writing. This elective will be driven by YOU, the writers. Enjoy writing what matters to you!


Want to learn how to win debates with your parents and peers? The art of debate takes practice. Come and learn how to dominate verbal discussions.


Want to create and star in original stories using technology? Students will use WeVideo to create 2-3 minute videos that are written, produced, and star the students!


We will take 6 students (in the School van) every Friday 2 pm-3 pm to the Golf Center on the west side of Petaluma. The students will learn how to swing various golf clubs from drivers to irons, as well as practice on the putting greens. At the end of the semester, we’ll go play 9 holes at Rooster Run Golf course!


Students will use their Spanish to get out of sticky situations in improvisational skits of everyda


Ever wondered who decides on spirit days? Who plans student body events? Sports tournaments and prizes? The Spring Hill Leadership Team does!! If you enjoy things like party planning and organizing fundraisers then Leadership is the elective for you!! Join me, Ms. Rachel, to help shape an amazing year for us all!


Explore key photography concepts such as the rule of thirds, depth of field, natural borders, z-readout, etc. This will be done by exploring legendary photographers and including genres such as portrait, landscape, and action.


Rock n Roll! We are going to examine and learn to play this uniquely American music. Starting with the blues and heading through early rock n roll. Come rock with me! This is for anyone who has their own instruments for bringing or for people who want to sing.


Develop your very own book, work on creative writing and illustrations, cover design, and publish the finished product. We will learn about various illustration styles and ways of working, such as printmaking, pen and ink drawings, and color theory. Students will complete the process of publishing a book, starting with brainstorming ideas, and storyboards, and working all the way through to a printed polished piece. There will be a book signing event for our budding authors and illustrators to celebrate their finished works.


Archery is all about being able to hold steady and work on our accuracy. We will have some fun while learning rules and safety for Archery. If you are interested, please come check it out!


We design and plan our MakerSpace! Be our inaugural set of leaders as we use design thinking to create an awesome and inviting creative space where we can design anything and everything. Once our space is set up and rules are set, you will not only get to USE the space but get to lead other students in how to use it too! Oh, and we will be making some super cool things along the way, too.


This elective will be a creative process, first learning of the different styles and genres of Podcasts. Then as a group, we will discuss and vote on what ours will entail. The class will consist of creating the content and then recording it!


Discover your inner Italian! Learn the basics of Italian and some fun phrases to throw around and impress your friends. We'll even do some improv and use our phrases in real-life situations!


Come and learn how to play this amazing game. This class is open to new players who are learning the game and also to advanced players who would like a chance to develop stories and become dungeon masters themselves.


Let's play on Fridays while honing our netball skills. Join us to participate in pickleball, badminton, and volleyball!