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Our Mission

The Spring Hill School fosters a strong academic foundation that nurtures our children’s lifelong love of learning through an inspiring, global curriculum. Our exceptional teachers guide students to fulfill their unique potential and succeed with confidence and joy.

Our Core Values

The Unique Potential of Each Child

We support and nurture each child’s unique gifts, encouraging them to reach their potential with joy, confidence, openness, and a grounded sense of self.

The Spring Hill School

Academic Excellence

Our exceptional teachers customize curricula to grow with each child, ensuring that all students are optimally inspired and challenged.

The Spring Hill School

Experiential Learning

We create environments where children learn experientially, developing life skills, self-discipline, resilience, empathy, and leadership abilities.

The Spring Hill School


We practice sustainability every day—it is built into our curriculum and the natural school environments that connect children to our ecological futures.

The Spring Hill School

Community & Diversity

We foster personal connections, teamwork, and a socially diverse community based on integrity and respect.

The Spring Hill School

Global Engagement

We cultivate flexibility and adaptability in a rapidly changing world, highlighting foreign languages and global cultures.

The Spring Hill School