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NWEA MAP assessment

Oct 03, 2023

NWEA MAP assessment

Last week our 3rd-8th graders diligently worked on their NWEA MAP Testing. While most of the year The Spring Hill School focuses on inquiry and project-based learning and assessments, we also measure our students’ achievement twice a year by taking the NWEA MAP Growth assessment. With this assessment, each student takes an adaptive test that accurately measures their understanding of various topics. This information helps educators understand where their students' academic strengths and weaknesses are so they can tailor instruction to meet every student's unique learning needs. It also helps track a student's academic growth over time. Every student deserves a unique learning plan and the NWEA MAP assessment helps us reach this goal with our students.

While often these tests can seem intimidating, The Spring Hill School works hard to ensure that each student starts testing with confidence and a positive mindset. To help provide this, before we began testing, our 8th graders stepped up and led a school assembly teaching everyone testing best practices. They guided the campus in meditation/relaxation techniques and gave helpful tips on how to stay confident and reduce test anxiety.

Last week our students did an incredible job of demonstrating not only their academic knowledge, but also their ability to support one another, uplift their community and remain confident in the face of daunting tasks. We are so proud of our Spring Hill Students and Staff.