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Holistic Growth Through Hands-On Learning

Kinder Toy Making   Robots

Our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program brings social, emotional, and academic learning together through exploration and experimentation. Students work collaboratively and individually from an integrated hands-on, project-based curriculum that promotes learning for understanding and mastery.

Our goal is that our TK students gain self-confidence, become enthusiastic and skillful learners, and feel connected to their teachers, classmates, and Lower Elementary community. We believe in the potential and gifts of each child beyond competency in the basic grade-level standards. We know our children are capable of so much when they are inspired to become independent and joyful learners, collaborators, innovators, and creative and empathetic leaders in pursuit of knowledge for a better world.

We cannot wait to celebrate your child's uniqueness, see their potential come alive, and partner with you in their education. We are honored that you are considering The Spring Hill School as your child's school.

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