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Integrated, Hands-on Learning Inspires Innovation And Creativity

Spring Hill’s enriched, research-based elementary program ignites children’s natural curiosity and passion for learning. Our integrated STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), masterful teachers, and engaged community empower our students to meet the future with confidence and creativity.

We believe that the foundation of learning is a warm, nurturing, and safe environment. When children build social and emotional resilience and compassionate relationships, they naturally aspire to achieve high goals and develop their own unique potential. Spring Hill’s talented faculty inspire academic excellence and guide students to become leaders with strong, responsible voices.

Our elementary curriculum is integrated across traditional subjects and draws on the deep expertise of our many subject specialists. We cover core standards and go beyond them, customizing curricula to the pace and unique potential of each child.

Humanities are integrated across the curriculum every day, including language arts, social and cultural studies, and social/emotional learning. Our exceptional STEAM curriculum incorporates Math Common Core Standards, Mathematical Mindsets, and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as an award-winning Makers program, a Farm-to-Table-to-Lab program, coding, technology, and digital literacy. Spanish, PE, art, and music are offered daily or weekly by classroom teachers as well as specialist faculty.

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